Sugar sugar

Day three of my diet regime.

Very low carb, low sweets. Mid level of fats, high level of lean protein and hearty vegetables. Healthy, right? Except I am craving sugar. Sugar, sugar, sugar. Just a little taste, just a bit of that luscious, ambrosial nirvana.

Did you know that the brain reacts to sugar in a way that mimics cocaine addiction? Horrid, right? But what can I say? I quite enjoy things that are abysmal. Except this time I’m really making an effort to cut back on sugar.



I’ve walked these miles and I’ve walked them straight
You’ll never know what was like to be fine
Do you find it hard to say it with me tonight?
It doesn’t matter if I’m chasing old ideas
You have all your life
I’ve heard it takes some time to get it right
But maybe I’m wasting my young years


I had this crazy dream. I was going to work as normal. Driving down the road, there was a sign that said no outlet or something. I didn’t think about it too much and kept driving.

The road came to an end and was completely blocked off by a metal fence. Behind the fence a tornado or giant storm had ripped apart the town – there was rubble everywhere and the sky was still stormy and dark. The buildings were in complete disarray and I felt extremely uneasy.

And then it was kind of funny because I was frantic trying to call into work letting them know I was going to be late.

Which means life is about to get real stressful real quick. Though it does seem like I dodged the storm, but let’s see.


I’m in another mild depression, but I’ll pull through. He’s been discussing job prospects and Seattle a lot. The idea of it is exciting to think about. But the thought of moving across the country to pursue a lifestyle and relationship that’s this rocky is troubling.